Saturday, April 3, 2010

Carrot cake...

So I had been reading Kristy's blog for a while...if you don't already you really should check her out. I mean she is from Wisconsin and she has three adorable little boys. ANYWAY, on to the carrot cake. I came across this post about "Ex-boyfriend carrot cake". Two things I love, a good story and some carrot cake. She was pregnant and craving her ex boyfriend's mom's carrot yup she emailed and got the recipe. I laugh because I can recall those crazy pregnancy cravings and the length that I would have gone to get a "fix"....good thing non of my ex boyfriends mom's had the lone recipe to bacon cheeseburgers!
So, on to the carrot cake AGAIN! {Sorry} I have made the cake twice...once they way she made it...but I wanted to make it a little "fancy" for Easter so I baked it in two round pans (and baked it for a little over 30 minutes). So it isn't the prettiest cake I have ever baked...but I am sure that it still tastes delicious!

Art envy....

My mom found this amazing women who makes "subway" art to your specifications. And it is mom has THREE of her pieces...I cannot afford one! :(
Here is my favorite one in my dad's new "bar". I think I love it so much because it tells the story of my parents, and kinda me too.

{Sorry for the glare. I could not get a picture with out it!}

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break....

Today marked the official start of our crazy mid-week to mid-week spring break. But I WILL not complain about some time away from work. Did I mention that it is BEAUTIFUL here....really it was over 70 here....people it is March....we are loving it!
I skipped out of work and picked up Bubba around 11:20 of course he wanted "BicDonald's" for lunch. We ate our lunch picnic style in the front yard with the neighbor kids.
While he napped I got a lot of things completed which, by the way I am not ready for him to give up naps...maybe when he goes to college!
When I went to wake him up he was sleeping. I think it is a mom thing but my baby always looks so darn cute when he sleeps.

I hope that nice weather surrounds you and you are able to enjoy some relaxing time with your friends and family!

Monday, March 1, 2010

a great day...

After a rough Friday the weekend turned around! Saturday we celebrated a friends birthday outside. in. February. in. Minnesota....and it REALLY gave me spring fever! It was fabulous...we ate yummy soup and sat around a bon-fire while the kids made pies, pizza pockets, and taco's over the fire.
On Sunday, the boys were on the look out because I was a cleaning machine....Bubba even hid some toys afraid I was going to toss them. But our house is clean and laundry is done. I even got to pull out my Easter stuff {more spring fever}.
Monday, I worked a half day {and only did the teaching part none of the paperwork stuff...nice) and I skipped out the doors to pick the big guy up for some lunch and his three year check up. His doctor summed it up best...I can't believe he is THREE and we are talking about pre-school {tears welled in my eyes}. A great visit with my parents, dinner with the hubs & bubba. But the TOPPER was the trip to Tar-jay all by MYSELF grocery shopping. I even snuck a low-fat Vanilla latte decaf...what a treat! I even did a little work after shopping and now I am off to snuggle with the hubs before calling it a night! I love when I have two great days in a row!

Oh, we are still not close to the 100 random acts of kindness....not even 1 down this weekend! We really need to step up our game! :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

random acts of kindness.....

The city that I live in has challenged it's residents to give back....with a twist. Random Acts of Kindness. The town as a whole it is give 1,000 random acts of kindness in a months time. We even made on local tv! :) Once our challenge is complete our mayor is challenging other cities to beat us! And really, for a town of our size (a population of 23,000) this should have been no problem. {I'll keep you posted if we make it!}
It really got me thinking when was the last time I did something nice for a stranger just because? I really wanted to embrace this idea and teach my son that giving is far better then receiving. But how? Where do I start? Does it always have to involve money? Although our cities challenge is almost over...I am challenging our family. So here is our challenge...100 random acts of kindness by June 11th (our last day of school). I hope the three of us can make it! Wish us luck....can your family "beat" us??? Let me know!

Friday, February 26, 2010

what a week....

At the end of a loooong week I wonder if a weekend is really what I need? Don't get me wrong because I love the weekend, it means no 5:30 alarm clock or deciding what to wear and then ironing. But it is more time to do the things I "have" to-do around the house and catch up on work stuff that I didn't get done during the week. Today a FB a friend said their to-do list was DONE!!! DONE? I didn't actually know people finished all the items on their lists, mine just keep getting longer.
Lastly, I need a vacation, and not the weird mid-week to mid-week spring break our district has scheduled. I need a pack your suitcase with shorts, tank tops, some bathing suits, and books so I can sit on a beach read, get a tan, and drink some fruity drinks all while I don't have to make dinner, do laundry, or correct papers.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Three years ago today this beautiful little boy joined our family. He was born at 1:31 a.m weighing in at 8 pounds 3 ounces. He was and still is the most beautiful person I have laid eyes on. Now weighing roughly 36 pounds he loves John Deere tractors, pancakes {he ate 6 for lunch today!}, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, books, and puzzels. He is the light of our lives, continues to amaze us, and make us laugh. I am so lucky that I get to be his mom! Happy Birthday Bubba!